Vibook Report- 001 – 18/02/2020

We started the series of publications that aim to bring the community closer to the actions of the Vibook project, our initiative initially aims to account for our actions and bring closer ties with the community.

Partnership with Editora Cogito (BA)

On 02/13/2020 The vibook project and Publishing company Cogito start a partnership for digitization and content distribution. Cogito has extensive experience in the area of ​​poetry and collections and with that the partnership moves towards democratization and greater accessibility of the content.

Overdrives Acceleration Notice

Vibook selected for the 3rd Overdrives acceleration class, we have two more phases to be selected to receive funding.

The Overdrives acceleration has the following mission:

  – Promote and support the creation and development of startups with a high degree of innovation and exponential growth potential.

  – Create connections with the market through the opening of workspaces and the supreme to activities that build bridges between consumers and startups with their offer of creative solutions.

  – Share knowledge and experiences in an organic structure and connected with the main startup communities in the country.

Program of Digitization of Editorial Collections

On February 27, vibook will start the first meeting for the goals program, this program initially aims to create partnerships for the digitalization phase. Initially, meetings will be generated with publishers on Pernambuco soil and contact with publishers from the Northeast, thus creating the first contacts who should follow the following initiatives:

  1. Casa do Cordel – Portal to rescue popular culture. Offer the digital cordel service and also create a dissemination portal, Casa do Cordel Digital, where cordelistas will have space for dissemination, in addition to access to editorial services for the publication of digital cordel (Regional and Popular Books).
  2. Digitalization of the Collection of Partner Publishers, an initiative that will be provided in the next 2 years. Our goal is to digitize more than 5000 books.
  3. Creation of a program of cultural ambassadors, Initiative seeks to identify and equip the ambassadors for obtaining partners


A Vibook, no mês de janeiro, irá realizar o re-cadastro de produtor cultural frente ao estado de Pernambuco para seu fundador. Desta forma o projeto estará habilitado a participar de editais do Funcultura do estado de Pernambuco. Esta medida cria uma franca possibilidade de valorização dos produtos Vibook a âmbito estadual. Maiores informações serão dadas ao público no mês de Fevereiro.

Repurchase Program

Starting on 07/04, vibook will start working on the repurchase program, Every day 07 (Four) will begin to buy back while the SCO program lasts, 10% of the monthly income in NULS will be made available and it will be made available in an offer to buy back vibooks. The mechanics of this will be informed at a future date and we believe this will reward all holders of vibook.


By the end of February, vibook (old vibook or VBK) will undergo a swap, the exchange ratio will be 1 (old): 20 (New VIBK), this change is the first step towards structuring the cryptocurrency and its services. In February the new blockchain will be undertaken, so the first swap will take place in February and the second one will be towards the completion of the new blockchain in March.

New Blockchain

In February we will also start the creation of the new vibook blockchain, it will follow the NULS suite of solutions. Progress will be measured primarily again adaption to the roadmap of products and services.  We will release all information to vibook investors during this important phase.


Viibook will endeavor to list on an exchange according to our list of objectives stated in the roadmap. Any advancement or delay will be communicated to everyone and it is linked to the SCO program income.

Asian Market

On 01/27 we will have the first meeting with our community representative to define the first semester, this measure aims to improve strategies and reinforce the scope of partnerships in the Asian market, in addition to adapting products and services to the target audience .