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Vibook aims to provide a simple online reading environment, books will be readable only by the web application. Our goal is to distribute knowledge fairly, fostering the knowledge industry, create much more value for

Vibook still focuses on a cohesive and engaging user experience. The platform is a resource for knowledge seekers to unite and create an organized and infallible outlet that transforms the publishing industry and readership while interacting with each other using Blockchain technology.

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Vibook Club

Vibook Features

The platform is an accessible creative ecosystem

Vibook will encourage its users in proportion to their contribution. Promotion of copy security and the possibility of automatic self-registration and timestamp.

Gamification System

advance within the community, earn badges and earn rewards.

Vibook pay

A ViBook payment platform, with it you can pay slips and bills, charge your mobile phone and buy and sell VIBK.

P2P solutions

Through our social network and other products, buying, exchanging, selling and contracting services can be facilitated.

Social Advertising

Advertise your products in our solutions, find interested people and expand your world.

Vibook for shopkeepers

A social network where your products can be traded safely and uniquely

Monetized Reading

Free access to reading but valuing the content of authors and academics.
General objective
To develop and implement web and mobile bookstore based on a social network focused on the dissemination, promotion, and publishing services.

  • Being a decentralized bookstore social network, creating a safe environment for the dissemination of copyright works.
  • Provide a secure library for the academic environment.
  • Provide within its tools a system of copyright registration, thus ensuring copyright protection.
  • Use social gamification to promote social interaction between readers, writers and service providers in the publishing field.
  • Promote greater access and support to production;
  • Create the possibility of subscriptions to specific packages. Ex: Legal Pack, Fantasy Book Pack, Publisher Package A.Promote greater copyright protection;
  • Increase exchanges between authors and markets;
  • Promote the requalification of the production chain;
  • Promote integrated digital marketing actions;
  • Enable collaborative funding specific tasks through votes within vibook
  • Promote the requalification of the production chain;
  • Promote integrated digital marketing actions;
  • Promote and disseminate authorial marketing;
  • Create an easy mechanism for copyright registration, being easy to consult and the public;
  • Promote greater production flow;
  • Promote greater integration of the production chain.


Main Projects - to be started

Exchange Listing – Q4 2020

Notary – Q1 2021 official service for copyright records and proof of authenticity.

Vibook Network V2 – Q2 2021

Update and addition of reading, store and crypto trade modules.

Vibook Pay – Q3 2021

Official platform service for payments, transfers and purchases and sales of cryptocurrencies.

Mobile Notary – Q3 2021

Mobile version for file records through notary.

Vibook Club – Q4 2021

Mobile app via geolocation, also using match engines for book and ebook exchanges, p2p negotiations and promotion.

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